Femal domination fiction

Downfall: A Financial Domination Story

Downfall is the story of a man broken

Downfall A Study in FinDom Amazon Description: Steve has a fetish for financial domination. He also craves his work colleague Nicci. He slowly – just for fun – introduces Nicci to the possibilities of Fin-Dom. But Nicci eventually becomes more than just a willing pupil and researches just how financially beneficial it can be to … Read more

Down And Outed: Forced Sissification

the making of a she male whore

Down and Outed: The making of a she-male Whore Amazon Description: Simon was not so much despised by women as completely unnoticed. He led a very solitary life supported by a small allowance left by unknown parents. He was entirely devoid of friends and family, and seemed forever destined to move through life like a … Read more

Meet Clarissa Clifton FinDom Fiction

best Financial Domination fiction by Cruella Pain

Meet Clarissa Clifton – a Story of Cruelty, Spite & Malice I love writing about Financial Domination, it is one of my very favourite things – both in my writing and in my life. I found writing about it in this story absolutely irresistible. Clarissa herself was very much a creation after my own heart. … Read more

Stealing Stepdaddy femdom fiction

Dominant stepdaughter fiction

Stealing Stepdaddy, femdom and findom combined Amazon Description: ‘Alice was eighteen years, and twenty-nine days old, when her stepdad – Colin – said something, just twenty-seven words, which changed her forever. After that, her life (and his) were never the same again. Strange that the biggest changes can come from the very smallest of beginnings. … Read more

Extortionary Tale: Financial Domination

Best FinDom fiction by Cruella Pain

Extortionary Tale: FinDom Fiction Amazon Description: Ashley had been warned. He only wanted to study the game and see how it worked, see just how women put men into virtual cages, and made them suffer and pay. He visited the world of Financial Domination and peered in through the bars. He watched how the twisted … Read more

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