Femal domination fiction

Mistress Misery: A Femdom Blackmail Story

Mistress Misery A story of male submission

Mistress Misery – Forced Submission, and Extreme Domination… …are both central ingredients of this femdom blackmail story; the first in the ‘Mistress Misery Series. When I wrote it I never imagined that it would turn into a 5 episode series. But the themes of blackmail, forced submission, and exploitation are very dear to me, and … Read more

Converted: Pt 2: Trained to SERVE

Dominatrix Cruella pain’s female domination stories

Converted: Part 2: Trained to SERVE This is the second part of the story (which began with Converted Pt 1: Trained to WORSHIP), and continues the tale til its conclusion. Amazon Description: To his own utter astonishment, against everything that he had thought true and proper, Eliot Bonham had been broken and trained to grovel … Read more

Converted: Pt 1: Trained to WORSHIP

A story of male slavery by Cruella Pain

Converted: Part 1: Trained to WORSHIP This is a longer story broken into two distinct parts. Converted: Part 1: Trained to WORSHIP, and Converted: Part 2: Trained to SERVE. It was a story which mean a lot to me and which I as able to explore those themes which form a basis of my own … Read more

Slavehouse Saga: A FemDom World

Femdom fiction by Charlotte Benning

The Slavehouse saga: A Femdom Masterpiece like no other Or should that be mistresspiece? Charlotte Benning is an interesting author. Not only has she created a unique ‘world’, in her ‘SlaveHouse’ stories, she has also bridged the gap between fem dom and dystopian writings. Slavehouse is a complete world, created and ruled by Dominant Women, … Read more

Call of the Collar: FemDom

Call of the Collar - female Domination story

‘Call of the Collar’ is a FemDom story… …featuring my alter ego, Mistress Misery. The situation it concerns – a ;friend’ contacting a Mistress to ask for mercy, and then getting embroiled himself – is one I encountered a few years back. While not all it is is ‘literally’ true, there is enough truth in … Read more

The POWER Behind the Veil: Femdom Fiction

Female domination story ebook

The Power Behind the veil: FemDom Story Amazon Description: Between the face we show to the world, and the face we hide carefully away there is a veil. Between pretence and truth, illusion and reality.  Sharon Lane seemed like a nondescript, menial employee of Kearney-Griffith, paid to clean toilets; Sir Arthur Bannion was a top … Read more

Downfall: A Financial Domination Story

Downfall is the story of a man broken

Downfall A Study in FinDom Amazon Description: Steve has a fetish for financial domination. He also craves his work colleague Nicci. He slowly – just for fun – introduces Nicci to the possibilities of Fin-Dom. But Nicci eventually becomes more than just a willing pupil and researches just how financially beneficial it can be to … Read more

Perversion Therapy: Total Domination story

femdom stories with Cruella Pain

Perversion Therapy: A story of Total humiliation and degradation. Amazon Description: Heinemann was a frustrated and angry man.  He was a man who vented his anger through his personal crusade to clean up the streets, his club and every part of his life from certain ‘substances’ left by pets and their irresponsible owners. He hated … Read more

Miss Ballbuster – a Sadistic FemDom story

Ballkicking story by Mistress Cruella

Miss Ballbuster – Sadistic FinDom … Amazon Description: A hardcore ballbusting tale of an innocent young girl’s eventful journey of self-discovery, and her re-birth as the sadistic ‘Miss Ballbuster.’ Amy Martin was young, pretty, energetic and talented. She was also a failure. Failed by her family, failed by the school, failed by society in general. … Read more

Everyday Dominations: 3 Classic FemDom Stories

Three female domination storiesby Cruella Pain

Three classics of Everyday Femdom Amazon Description: Three classic fem-dom stories in one volume for the first time. One-Way Ticket.  They were everywhere. It just needed the trained eye to spot them. They were masters of disguise, but they were there. All around her. As she became more adept at seeing past their masquerade, she … Read more

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