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About Me

The Personal

Although both my parents were English, I was born in Singapore. I lived there until I was 11, whereupon we returned to the UK to live in Chester. I attended a private school up to the age of eighteen, whereupon I attended an English ‘top ten’ university. At the age of twenty-one I graduated.

And my real life began.

The Professional

My first foray into Female Domination came when I was newly graduated from University. It was a perfect match between my inclinations and my talents. He was an old friend of my father’s. Low-hanging fruit. Easy to pick.

Where else would I look for my future career?

As Mistress Pain I deservedly rose to elite-Mistress level, and enjoyed all the benefits of such a position. Female domination, supremacy has been my life, and always will be. Financial domination, in particular, is such an exquisite form of exploitation

I revel in the worship of those who understand the nature of female Domination. They truly bring joy into my life with their dedication, devotion and gratitude. It is not a question of why I am a female Dominant, the really puzzling question is why some women are not.

I live in an old water mill in thre Chester area. I live alone, and prefer it that way. I enjoy my own company.

I am thoroughly steeped in the world of BDSM and fetishism. I have a dedicated (and well-equipped) ‘Dungeon’ and two ‘cells’. These occupy a whole floor in the property. It is fair to say that I have spent a lot of money on these facilities, and believe them to be (at least) the equal of any Dominatrix in the country.

I see a small but very exclusive number of male ‘properties’. I also extend my services to a carefully chosen number online. Obviously, I can afford to be picky, and so picky is indeed what I am. I do not advertise at all. I don’t need to. Those who truly need me, know where to find / contact me.

Unlike many Mistresses, I do not have an Amazon wish list, or indeed any wish list at all. They are fine for those who may need them, but I feel they have been come saturated and have so attracted the ‘wrong’ end’ of the market. Those who are ‘in it’ for all the wrong reasons, who put the cart before the horse. If any of my slaves, devotees, fans/readers should seek to express their appreciation of myself, I always tell them that they can send me an Amazon voucher (to address: Cruella.Pain@gmail.com). Such a gesture is always appreciated, and fully acknowledged, and will be used to pamper myself in my own special ways. Who doesn’t delight in being pleased / appreciated…

So there you have it. Me in miniature. If you wish to know more, more about me…I invite you to take an intimate tour of the inside of my head. Read the books…

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