Femal domination fiction

Meet Clarissa Clifton FinDom Fiction

best Financial Domination fiction by Cruella Pain

Meet Clarissa Clifton – a Story of Cruelty, Spite & Malice I love writing about Financial Domination, it is one of my very favourite things – both in my writing and in my life. I found writing about it in this story absolutely irresistible. Clarissa herself was very much a creation after my own heart. … Read more

Stealing Stepdaddy femdom fiction

Dominant stepdaughter fiction

Stealing Stepdaddy, femdom and findom combined Amazon Description: ‘Alice was eighteen years, and twenty-nine days old, when her stepdad – Colin – said something, just twenty-seven words, which changed her forever. After that, her life (and his) were never the same again. Strange that the biggest changes can come from the very smallest of beginnings. … Read more

Obsessive Compulsive ORDER: FemDom story

Best Female domination fiction by Mistress Cruella

Obsessive compulsive order. Mistress Misery FemDom Story Amazon Description: Oliver Sandbrook had gone about as low as he ever thought possible. Lower.Then ‘She’ trained him to assist Her in bringing other people down to the same degraded state, completely and irreparably broken to Her Will. Then, as her final act of sadism, She made him … Read more

The Red Room Sadistic FemDom

Extreme FemDom story the Red Room

The Red Room: Where no one can hear you scream, except the audience… Amazon Description How would you fare in the Red Room of Miss Magnussen, where no one can hear you scream? Except the hundreds watching online, enjoying the show. In the Red Room there is no past or future, only the agony of … Read more

Extortionary Tale: Financial Domination

Best FinDom fiction by Cruella Pain

Extortionary Tale: FinDom Fiction Amazon Description: Ashley had been warned. He only wanted to study the game and see how it worked, see just how women put men into virtual cages, and made them suffer and pay. He visited the world of Financial Domination and peered in through the bars. He watched how the twisted … Read more

Caught in HER Web – FimDom Blackmail

Best femdom blackmail stories

Caught in HER Web – a story of Serious FinDom During my early career as a Professional Dominatrix / Mistress, I also had a texting set-up for those who might seek my professional attentions but who were too remote to attend physically. This was a very successful part of my professional offerings. This story is … Read more

The Toilet: FemDom SCAT Story

Female Domination Story. The Toilet

The Toilet is hardcore FemDom …After the first Mistress Misery story, I wanted to write more. I felt very close to her as a Mistress, and obviously wanted to extend her ‘virtues’ in story form. Amazon Description: A hard-core story of female domination and the extremes to which it may lead. Mistress Misery was not … Read more

Mistress Misery: A Femdom Blackmail Story

Mistress Misery A story of male submission

Mistress Misery – Forced Submission, and Extreme Domination… …are both central ingredients of this femdom blackmail story; the first in the ‘Mistress Misery Series. When I wrote it I never imagined that it would turn into a 5 episode series. But the themes of blackmail, forced submission, and exploitation are very dear to me, and … Read more

Converted: Pt 2: Trained to SERVE

Dominatrix Cruella pain’s female domination stories

Converted: Part 2: Trained to SERVE This is the second part of the story (which began with Converted Pt 1: Trained to WORSHIP), and continues the tale til its conclusion. Amazon Description: To his own utter astonishment, against everything that he had thought true and proper, Eliot Bonham had been broken and trained to grovel … Read more

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