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Downfall A Study in FinDom

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Steve has a fetish for financial domination. He also craves his work colleague Nicci. He slowly – just for fun – introduces Nicci to the possibilities of Fin-Dom.

But Nicci eventually becomes more than just a willing pupil and researches just how financially beneficial it can be to be a Goddess to a loser like Steve.

The game becomes life and the loser is blackmailed, divorced, locked in permanent chastity, humiliated, used as a toilet and financially bereft.


Prologue I am lying on the floor with my mouth wide open. My Chasity cage has not been removed for two years. Everything is being filmed.  The girl – my Goddess – who has owned me for nearly six years is standing over me about to do something very nasty. 

And she is going to make me swallow it. 

All of it. 

There was a time when she had no idea what femdom power, chastity or financial domination was. Now, look at her. Just look. 

I can hardly bear to…she has changed so much. 

Topping from the Bottom 

I worked with Nicci for some years and had an up and down sort of relationship with her. Eventually, we settled on an up relationship, mainly because we both smoked and every time we went for a cigarette I bought her a cup of tea from the vending machine. 

If only I had realised then where a cup of tea would lead. 

I have always had a financial domination fetish which I satisfied in the normal online way from time to time. I would find an online Domme, exchange some messages, give her some ‘leverage’ in the guise of some information I’d be embarrassed to have made public. But to be honest, the info I always supplied was fake. I mean, how easy is it to set up a Gmail address for my ‘wife’? 

So then she would blackmail me into giving her money and eventually when reality kicked in I would just disappear. 

Happy, carefree days… 

I remember them well. 

Nicci was always short of money, always telling me about this or that bill, or things she wanted but couldn’t afford. So one day I jokingly mentioned that a fetish called financial domination was making some women some easy cash. 

She just looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. 

I had no idea where it was going, but somehow I wanted to tell her, to let her see into the world which fascinated me; which exerted a strong pull on me. 

I told her that guys would give money to beautiful girls just to be laughed at and be told that they were a wanker. 

Nicci almost choked on her coffee, and let out a coughing laugh. 

‘I don’t think so’, she replied. ‘I wish.’ 

She strode off inside still giggling. 

I watched her go thinking I had blown my chance to get her into a conversation on the subject. Just talking about it would always give me a lift. 

For the next week, I hoped against hope that she might bring the subject up. No chance. She had even stopped moaning on about her finances. A bad sign I thought. 

In the end, just like an unreachable itch, I couldn’t leave it alone. Monday morning I was determined to bring it up again. ‘Tell you what’, I said as she arrived at work. ‘When you are ready to have a break, why don’t you come and order me outside.’ I gave her a grin to show her I was joking, then added. Get in touch with your inner Domme.’ 

She rolled her eyes, but at just before ten o’clock – a full thirty minutes before our usual time there she was standing before me.

‘You’, she said pointing a very in character scarlet fingernail at me, ‘Outside NOW.’ 

Hmm, I thought. Duck to water. 

When outside she reverted to chatty, moany, funny Nicci, but I couldn’t help thinking that a bridge has been crossed. Every day after that it was the same. 

But even so progress was slow. Then I had another idea…

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  1. Steve learned to “be careful what you wish for” when he converts Nicci into a FinDom.

    I really liked this story because it hit on the themes of the gradual transformation of a power-exchange relationship. They started out mostly vanilla and ended in a total power exchange relationship.


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